SWAP – Complete Details 2022

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, it is important to learn about it. There are several things that needs to consider and there are many terms you need to be familiar with. Only …


If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, it is important to learn about it. There are several things that needs to consider and there are many terms you need to be familiar with. Only after that, you can start the investment. Similarly one of the most important term or question is “what is a swap? “. Swap is one of the commonly used terms in the investment process. Not, only that swap plays a major role in finance. In this blog, you can get familiar with the swap.  

Swap allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without any trouble. Users can exchange one cryptocurrency for other while staying on the blockchain.com wallet. Swap is the in-wallet exchange of crypto to crypto provided by blockchain.com. with, the help of a xwp, you can do the exchange through the private key wallet. You can also do it through a trading account.  


The term swap was publicly introduced in 1981. It was introduced when IBM and the world bank entered into a swap agreement. However, the swap in terms of crypto was introduced much later.   The founder and or developer of the swap is Sebastian green. It has the tagline “zero BS”, intending to make it useful for miners. It is a clean coin, it doesn’t have premine, governance, or mining fees. They have a team working for the swap, to make it easier for miners.

Team are constantly working hard to upgrade their services. Now they have this app, which miners can use, and also see their plans for the future. Despite Swap allows exchange cryptocurrencies, most people are unaware of the same.  

Types of swap (crypto):

  1. Klayswap
  2. Uniswap
  3. Pancakeswap
  4. BiSwap
  5. HoneySwap

Types of Swap (finance):

  There are various types of swaps available, for various purposes. The most popular types are;   Interest rate swap: The two parties exchange one stream of the future interest payment with another. This is done, based on a predetermined notional amount. Usually, this kind of swap involves the exchange of fixed interest rates and floating ones. This helps the borrower gain flexibility, and secure the funding needs. It also leads to the lowest possible rate for the borrowers.  

Currency swap:

A current swap helps both parties to complete the following exchange. The principal amount of a loan and interest in one currency to the same in another. They are generally used to obtain foreign currency loans at a cheaper price.  

Commodity Swap:

These derivates are used to exchange floating cash flows with fixed cash flows. The floating cash flow here is based on a commodity’s spot price. And, fixed cash flow is determined by the pre-aged price of a commodity. It does not involve the exchange of actual commodities in any way.  

Credit default swap:

A credit default swap provides insurance from the default of a debt instrument. It is one of the most common forms of credit derivative. This helps an investor in many different ways The investor enables investors to swap the credit risk they might have. They are opaque, illiquid, and difficult to track.  

Zero-coupon swap;

A zero-coupon swap is similar like a zero- coupon bond and is an exchange of cash flows. Usually, the stream of floating interest-rate payments is done periodically. It is similar to vanilla swap or Vanilla Bond. But in this, the payment is done at once in a lump sum. This allows the investors to increase or decrease the exposure to changes in purchasing power.  

Total Return swaps:

  This allows the investor to own securities, without having ownership. This settlement contract is between the total return payer and receiver. This benefits both the parties, in their own way.  

Advantages of swap:

  There are many advantages some of which mentioned below;  

  1. Swap makes borrowing at a lower cost possible. The major advantage is both parties can get funds at cheaper rates.
  2. It can be used to explore new financial markets. The xwp helps to access new financial markets, find advantages they possess. This helps, users, get their funds from the cheapest source.
  3. Risk caused by fluctuations in interest rate can be avoided. It can be avoided with the help of swap agreements.
  4. The asset-liability mismatch can also be managed.
  5. It can be a great source of additional income. In the form of brokerage, financial intermediaries can earn by arranging swaps.

Disadvantages of swap:

  Although it has many advantages, it also has disadvantages;  

  1. Finding a counterparty for your agreement can be a difficult task. The amounts willing to be traded might not be the same. Many similar disagreements may take place.
  2. After exchanges, It can’t be terminated without mutual agreement. This causes the entire arrangement to be a little risky.
  3. These assets can’t be traded easily comparative to its competitions. The unavailability of the secondary market influences this difficulty.
  4. It is an over-the-counter market, hence it requires special care while dealing. The other part may not necessarily fulfill their end of the deal.

XWP price:

  It has a current rate of around 0.03$. The price today is down by, 2.2% It reached its highest price on 19 July 2019. The price then was 0.5417$. The lowest price it had was 22 march 2020, which was around 0.009 $. The price of the swap has constantly been on the downside.  

Top Five high prices:

  1. 0.5417 $ on 19 July 2019.
  2. 0.4279$ on 23 July 2019.
  3. 0.4175 $ on 17 July 2019.
  4. 0.3621$ on 28 July 2019.
  5. 0.3404$ on 26 July 2019.

Top five low prices:

  1. 0.009$ on 22 March 2020.
  2. 0.019$ on 25 March 2020.
  3. 0.01152$ on 2 January 2021
  4. 0.02 $ on 15 April 2020.
  5. 0.03$ on 11 December 2021.

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Where to buy Swap?

  It can be purchased through many different sources. It can be purchased on Hobit, Uniswap, BitMax, MXC, etc. Generally, its trading pair is USDT. But, on Uniswap and 1 inch, its pair is weth and eth. This is for exchange cryptocurrencies and easily purchased.   Hope you find this article useful, if you have any suggestion or query do not hesitate to leave a comment.  Swap details on wiki is also worth reading.

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