Catgirl: How to buy Catgirl crypto currency?

Buying catgirl crypto is similar to buying any other crypto coins. Here are a few steps you can follow: Contents hide 1 Opening a Binance account: 2 Creating and connecting your Metamask account: 2.1 Purchasing …

catgirl coin 2022

Buying catgirl crypto is similar to buying any other crypto coins. Here are a few steps you can follow:

Opening a Binance account:

The first step to buying a Catgirl is creating your Binance account. To create an account firstly, visit their website. Its website is: ( You can click here to avoid Phishing activities with fake websites. Make sure to verify that the website is secure and input the right address. To avoid further risk of fake websites, you can also bookmark the authentic website.

After you reach the website, the next step is to register as a user. First of all, you will need to input your trading details. Click on the register button to process further. Then input either a mobile number or email address. While adding an email, make sure the one you are using is secure and accessible. Now, make sure you add a strong password, To avoid the risk of hacking.

Allow two-factor authentication, to make your account more secure. Enabling this will require you to input a unique code every time you log in. This code will be sent to you via Email or mobile number.

Creating and connecting your Metamask account:

You will require a digital wallet to store the catgirl. So, You will need to create a Metamask account. However, there are many other types of digital accounts available. For this, You will need to search the metamask extension. After you download the extension, now you can create an account. To create an account, you can just input your details.

Purchasing catgirl cryptocurrency from BNB tokens:

Now, after creating your digital wallet find your wallet address. You can find the address by clicking on the receive button. After obtaining your wallet address use it to send BNB and execute the trade. After this BNB tokens are stored in your wallet. Now, visit the Pancake swap to trade the BNB with catgirl. For this, firstly you will need to connect your meta mask account to pancake swap. After this, you will have to search for the BNB and Pancake pair. The exact address is ” 0x79eBC9A2ce02277A4b5b3A768b1C0A4ed75Bd936″, so that you can easily do the exchange. Once the trade is executed it is automatically stored in your account.

Why is Catgirl cryptocurrency gaining more popularity?

The Catgirl cryptocurrency is more popular among anime fans. The collectibles have always been loved by many people to decorate. Catgirl besides being crypto is a form of digital collectibles. It not allows the trading of coins but also allows editing your characters. The game for this is also available making it a fun and unique experience. This might also be the reason why it has managed to gain many people’s attention. Other than that, it is also very cheap.

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Fun Features in Catgirl hub:

There are currently eight different catgirls available to collect. They are distributed into different rarity types and have different looks. They are seasonal themed as well, and appear as half human and half cat. You can also put them on farming to earn money through it. Except that, you can also use it to buy various mystery boxes and airdrops.

In conclusion, it is one of the best forms of NFT, to invest in. It is a great idea to invest a dollar or so in this market. This gives you ownership of the coin and also allows you to make in-game purchases. However, if you are using it for crypto mining this might not be the right one. Make sure to do proper research before you invest more money.

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